Is Pakistan Disciplined?

Discipline is the basic building block of a healthy civilization. From the Indus-valley to the current ones, all of these had only one thing in common and that is the discipline that the men in it possessed. As the great leader and founder of Pakistan, M.A Jinnah stated that “with faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.” Which highlights the significance of discipline in our daily lives.

In the current era of Pakistan, however, there is a serious lack of discipline in the society and each coming day invites a downfall. There are several reasons behind it. One of the major ones being that the overall population of the country is not quite aware of the circumstances that we live in. They are not educated about their duties to society, ignorance of which then contributes to the world. With a country of this size and a literacy rate just above 56% (census, Statista 2014), it becomes a challenge to train them for discipline. Secondly, even with stronger campaigns around the country like ‘Hoga-saaf Pakistan’ and “Clean-Green Pakistan’, the country’s garbage problem, especially in the metropolitan city of Karachi, is at an all-time rise. As of 2019, 12,000 tonnes of garbage is being generated thereof which 40 percent is found on the streets or seashores without proper dumping. In such scenarios, the government is right to take strict actions against the common men to make them learn the rules and regulations of a country and to make them oblige to the required discipline. Even the ‘literate, yet illiterate’ people who used to play blame to the illiterate, would then be leaned towards following the law with discipline and harmony.

A country like Pakistan has a lot of issues when it comes to discipline. To tackle such issues, the government should impose fines, fouls, deadlines, warnings, and even trials regarding the misconduct of law if the people of the country still do not oblige to what their duties must be and HOW their duties must be when it comes to a professional/global environment.





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