Is Technology Really Harming Us?

Since the beginning of everything, we humans have always been looking for tools and resources that could share our load and cut our time; making our inputs efficient.

We have come a long way towards the enlightenment of technology. Starting from the industrial revolution in the 19th century to the technological revolution up until the late 70s, we humans have done it all. And now when we have reached the verge of experiencing the beauty of technology, people doubt that it will be the sole reason for the destruction of mankind…

Many argue that technology is the sole reason why there are so many health issues in users, especially in those who belong to the younger demographics. Issues like eye-sight problems, obesity and sleep deprivation are just the tip of the iceberg. And diseases like Alzheimer's are spreading like wild-fire due to increased exposure times to technological equipment. But we all know, ‘when there is a will, there is a way’.

There are hundreds of options available now in the market for “blue-light filtered” glasses, that can stop the harmful E.M radiations coming from the screens. Top of the line products includes Bolle’s blue-light protection glasses:

This will not only resolve the issues like eye-strains, sightlessness and sleep deprivation but can also possibly prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Excessive screen-time of kids has infuriated the parents as they now realize there is no workaround the technology other than to use it, especially given the circumstances.

According to them, their children are addicted to the usage of social media or activities like gaming, etc.

To this, my answer is simple; is technology controlling us, or we controlling technology? We are the ones in charge! We are the ones who control, we are the ones who govern, not a piece of hardware that is dependent on our command to function!

Blaming a perk like technology for our flaws is something beyond me! Parents can always supervise their children better as to how much time they are spending on T.V, computers or mobiles. Options like parental control and parents’ portals are now widely available with the ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) worldwide, which can aid them further in this matter.

And people, who consider technology as their arch-nemesis, argue that the use of technology is a complete waste of time. Well, here are some facts:

With Multimedia and interactive learning, kids in the USA, aged 5–16 have produced 60% more results than the kids who studied the traditional way (MIT open-source). Another famous misconception for such people is that gaming and/or use of computers will make them dumb or will waste their time. To that is the ‘Dynavision board’ test. A simple test designed to analyze your hand-eye coordination. When compared with a normal user, Pro-gamers outperformed a majority of the population when it comes to cognition and/or hand-eye coordination skills. After a number of trials, pro-gamers landed averagely in the 96th percentile of the entire population when it came to their reflex timings. (E-sport academy, thousand oaks California)

In addition to this, even the amateur gamers (who usually game a healthy 2–3 hours a day) have a quicker decision-making ability than an average man. This is due to their habit of playing fast-paced action games by which they can process a lot of information in a very less amount of time. This not only trains their brain to function better in daily life matters but also wires their brains to work more efficiently than those who do not game. In-fact researchers in the E-sports academies are now developing games to increase concentration times, especially as a cure for the people who suffer from diseases like ADHD (a disease which makes it unable for the patient to concentrate on a certain task). Technology is now used as a digital mental medication!

To sum it all up, it is up to us how we utilize this outstanding perk of technology.

It is there to be used by us, but it is up to us how we use it. This piece of hardware is not the one to be thrown out, but it is we who need to change, reconfigure ourselves and improve for the better.





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