Should Professional Note-Takers be allowed in Universities?

Professional note-takers are highly skilled writers and illustrators who make the words of celebrities, politicians, and influential people come to life. Their crystal-clear writing techniques and methodologies are poetry in motion. They have been consistently used in courts, public addresses, and legislation matters, and are now to be introduced in universities for note-taking. Their inclusion, however, has sparked an argument.

The opposition argues that professional note-takers will make students dependent on them. According to them, tailor-made notes are the only key to a thorough understanding of a lecture and abandoning them would drastically affect the performance of a student and their motivation levels. However, this is not the case.

If professional note-takers are allowed, the notes they would make would be way more precise and organized than the other students. It would also be a lot easier to understand their notes than the messy notes students themselves make. Most of the time, teachers are in a swing and won’t stop at anything. Amidst the chaos, most of the students don’t take notes at all, and those who do, excluding the exceptions, make it look unrecognizable even for their selves. Note-takers can be the guardian angels students always wanted. Just like reading any book, reading these” book-alike” notes would grant the students with a complete understanding of the topic and will also save a lot of their precious time.

They may, however, write short self-reminder notes to themselves which would keep them in-touch of note-taking.

Though the best-case scenario is to introduce note-takers who are literate about the lecture they are noting, the notes made by those who aren’t would still do the job, even for a below-average student.





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